Problems at School

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Frustrated with Education in this Country?

The education system is a subject that is very close to my heart, and one that will get me on my soap box! If your child is having problems at school, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Having had first hand experience of a system that is so archaic, inflexible and lacking in compassion, I hardly know where to begin. So many children are suffering in a system that does not fulfill their needs, not just academically but also socially and emotionally. Our children are very different to those 50 years ago. The challenges they face are also very different. However, our schools and how we teach them has not evolved at all.

Is Your Child Having Problems at School?

problems at schoolI find it incredibly sad and disheartening to hear of so many children who are experiencing problems at school. This is an area that crosses my path time and time again. The reasons why children are struggling at school are not always easy to assess and are often multi-faceted. Symptoms may show themselves in different forms such as  through anxiety, stress, challenging behaviour, self-harm, depression or physical illness. Parents are often at the end of their tether when trying to get the help they need. Unfortunately, GP’s are so stretched for time that they too can overlook the obvious anxiety a family is experiencing.

Many children, and families, feel isolated. They feel alone and don’t know which way to turn. Our education and healthcare systems should be able to guide families in the right direction. Yet they are disjointed and ill-informed with little or no information for parents. Most are left feeling that no-one wants to fill out the paperwork.

Please watch the videos below. Ken Robinson summarises the issues with the education system far more eloquently than me. There are more clips to watch should you choose.